Mental Health & Yoga – What’s New?

Today is an extra special day that is close to my heart. Not only is it #WorldMentalHealthDay but my 1-year anniversary of “officially” beginning my passion – teaching yoga! Over the past several years, I had times I was ritually practicing and in turn, conquered milestones I didn’t know were possible. I also have days that … Mental Health & Yoga – What’s New? Read More »

Life Theme: Find Your Spark

  As I have mentioned before, I choose a theme for my yoga classes every month. I always pick something that resonates with me and that I might be working on personally or have struggled with in the past. The class in particular that I teach has the same flow every time. I could easily … Life Theme: Find Your Spark Read More »

“I Don’t Need Therapy”

The stigma behind therapy and only needing it when you have been through something traumatic is something that really weighs on my heart. Therapy is often seen as a tool to use when you are “broken” and need to be “fixed.” First off, let me point out that we’re all “broken.” No one is perfect. … “I Don’t Need Therapy” Read More »

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