Mental Health & Yoga – What’s New?

Today is an extra special day that is close to my heart. Not only is it #WorldMentalHealthDay but my 1-year anniversary of “officially” beginning my passion – teaching yoga! Over the past several years, I had times I was ritually practicing and in turn, conquered milestones I didn’t know were possible. I also have days that … Mental Health & Yoga – What’s New? Read More »

The Importance of Proper Alignment

Last night I was going through my photos to find something to inspire people to get on their mats and I come across these: I always talk about the emotional benefits of yoga – even how each pose affects them. But it’s also always important to be aware of how you’re moving your body because … The Importance of Proper Alignment Read More »

Letting Go

March theme: Letting Go 😌 I pick a new “theme” for yoga every month. I try to make it broad enough to resonate with my students, but still is something I am working on personally (so that my authenticity and truth can always shine through. 🌞) I am attempting to practice letting go – letting … Letting Go Read More »

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