you are more…

it’s no secret that mental health is near and dear to my heart. i found out today that it’s suicide awareness month and was flooded with emotions. for those i’ve lost. times i’ve lost myself. other people’s losses. i felt somehow everything, yet nothing. 

i’ve said it many times before, but you truly don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been there yourself. it’s a quiet, scary, lonely, burdensome place. a place i wish on no one. and although it can feel at times that its consumes you, remember it is not only you. you are more than your suicidal thoughts or actions. you are also your over the top laugh. you’re your crooked little nose. you’re yoga obsessed and a cat mom. you are more than you know. how do i know? because i talk. but just because i talk doesn’t mean that is all there is to me. there is much more. depth beyond measures.

remember that you are the same. so much more than some of your thoughts and actions. the next time you talk about “that person that’s always anxious”… or mad. or sad. remember there is more to them than that. remember the good and remind them because it’s likely they have forgotten. this is for all those that forgot and weren’t reminded soon enough. those we lost to the fatal disease that we know as suicide. say their names. tell their stories. never forget. sending love to all of you out there, especially those struggling to remember. you are more. trust me.

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