i am lake superior.

i am lake superior. i take up great space and am overflowing with water. but not too much. never too much. always just enough. enough to fill the lake. the large and exquisite lake that reflects my soul.

i have often been told i’m too… well too much of a lot. too needy. too emotional. too much of ME. yet i am exactly as i should be- no more, no less.

how do i know? well, because i am human. as humans, we are exactly as we should be. as life, we are exactly as we should be. there will always be someone, somewhere ready to stir up your lake. to remind you that you aren’t an ocean or a lake. but that is because i’m not. they are right. but because i am not an ocean or a lake does not make me any less. It makes me, ME.

i am ready to explore this lake within me. all the parts. the currents, the waves, the wetness. the grief, the love, the truth. it starts with me.

i sit here, ready to explore and with all those on my bus riding along the trail to watch me. cheer me on. admire my vastness. my deepness. my truth.

for all those on my bus, thank you. for always accepting ALL of me. the messy. the “ugly”. the vastness. the truth that is me. for all those on my bus, i love you.

and as i continue to learn to swim in my vastness. my hurt. my unknown. as i go deep; i now know that i will not drown. in fact, i am safe. i am strong and i am safe. here and now and always.

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