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“The New Normal”
“So, do I think our old normal was working? Absolutely not. But do I see steps toward a “new normal” evolving? Sadly, the answer is…
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Mental Health & Medication
Psychologists and psychiatrists are insanely inaccessible due to insurance rarely covering them and those that are accessible are usually at the cost of the doctor…
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Morning Energizing Flow
There are many pros to practicing at home versus a studio, but here are just a few that came to mind based on this mornings…
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Today is #WorldSuicidePreventationDay on the 10th day of #NationalSuicideAwarenessMonth. I’ve been affected by suicide and mental health in a multitude of ways. I’ve (unfortunately) known…
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Self Love Club
I feel guilt. I feel sadness. I feel like a fraud. I preach to be this self-loving person that accepts my flaws and owns my…
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Life Theme: Find Your Spark
  As I have mentioned before, I choose a theme for my yoga classes every month. I always pick something that resonates with me and…
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“I Don’t Need Therapy”
The stigma behind therapy and only needing it when you have been through something traumatic is something that really weighs on my heart. Therapy is…
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Letting Go
March theme: Letting Go 😌 I pick a new “theme” for yoga every month. I try to make it broad enough to resonate with my…
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