Self Love Club

I feel guilt.

I feel sadness.

I feel like a fraud.

I preach to be this self-loving person that accepts my flaws and owns my story.

To be strong and know my worth.

To be stern yet calm.

Confident yet empathetic.

Yet I sit at home at night with all these thoughts rolling through my head as I search Pinterest for the “perfect quote” – the one that explains what I’m feeling yet inspires others. One that gives me hope and prays it does for another.

You see, the more we post about these things we stand for – it’s because it likely strongly affects us. We’re not preaching because we’re in that place and want others to be as well. We’re preaching in hopes that we’re not alone and can bring awareness to those that think they may be too. That if we stand up speak our truth, others will be able so too.

So while I love this life I live and learn daily, I also don’t always love myself wholly and completely.

I have my insecurities and triggers.

But I also have my friends and passions.

My words and others support.

After another month of being sure I could nail this whole “self love” thing, I learned it’s just a continuous journey as it is for all things in life.

Ebbs and flows.

Ups and downs.

So if you stand with me in being very sure you’re not sure that you’re pretty sure you’re pretty friggin awesome then please join me.

We can lift each other up on our off days. Push each other to keep moving forward and trust in our path.

Join me and let’s celebrate our declaration of not always being what we say, but fighting hard everyday to prove to we’re always working toward the path we we were made to follow.

Post your own selfie and join me on this #selfloveclub journey. ✨🖤

#letsdolifetogether #compassionoverperfection #itsallajourney #staystrong

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My name is Lauren and I am yogi and marketing specialist in my mid-20s living in KC after spending a few years finding myself in SF. I love laughing, teaching, learning, Broad City & Workaholics (I tend to clump them together), cooking, trying new things (sounds cliché, but it's true!), writing, art of any kind, growing, bending (my mind and my body), and most importantly, my friends and family. I created The Loving Lotus as a space for me to unwind and share basically all of the above. I am so happy you made it here and would love to hear your thoughts on my page or just talk over a glass of wine or coffee. Feel free to contact me about either. Or both. 🙂

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