Letting Go

March theme: Letting Go 😌

I pick a new “theme” for yoga every month. I try to make it broad enough to resonate with my students, but still is something I am working on personally (so that my authenticity and truth can always shine through. 🌞) I am attempting to practice letting go – letting go of mistakes, attachments, judgment, and what no longer serves me. I want to focus less on the failures and more of learning, letting go and moving forward – both on and off the mat. That’s why I love yoga so much; it can be so applicable to your practice and in life. 🖤

Remember, if you’ve never been to @corepoweryoga, your first week is FREE! Come practice “letting go” (of attachment, judgment, and what no longer serves you) on Tuesday’s @ 6:30 or Wednesday’s @ 8:45 pm. 🤗

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My name is Lauren and I am yogi and marketing specialist in my mid-20s living in KC after spending a few years finding myself in SF. I love laughing, teaching, learning, Broad City & Workaholics (I tend to clump them together), cooking, trying new things (sounds cliché, but it's true!), writing, art of any kind, growing, bending (my mind and my body), and most importantly, my friends and family. I created The Loving Lotus as a space for me to unwind and share basically all of the above. I am so happy you made it here and would love to hear your thoughts on my page or just talk over a glass of wine or coffee. Feel free to contact me about either. Or both. 🙂

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