We’re, Like, Really Funny

Like I mentioned when I launched this site, I didn’t intend on solely posting things that were deep and thought-provoking. I am also really funny. Like really, really funny. Well, I’m not sure how many people would agree with this statement, but I entertain myself quite a bit.

Anyway, since I made back the big move back to KC, I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend like Courtney to take me in. We aren’t necessarily exceptional at anything, but we try our best and love with every ounce of our souls. We’re more one of your every day, normal gals. We have lots of similarities: elephants, dairy-free life, encouraging others, working hard and playing harder, yoga (:D) prefer tidiness, and we both carry a humor that is so dry that sometimes people don’t even catch on.

With that being said, my roommate and I talk frequently about how f***ing hilarious we are. Between pointless conversations about what is considered a “good hug” to watching Broad City reruns while we send each other memes on the couches next to each other. It really got us (well more me) thinking… why don’t we document a night in the life?

Below you will find our Sunday night in a nutshell. Enjoy. 


As we sit down to try and figure out what to watch, (Hulu, Amazon or Netflix). Johns first choice is Amazon. Why? We’re not quite sure. So then we all take the “If You’ve Seen 100/129 Of These Movies, You’re Definitely A ’90s Kid” quiz to decide. I scored 90, Court 73, and John 96. Since we were feeling nostalgic, we pull up the Teen Witch “Top That” video as Court has never seen it (classic).

The rest of the night is as follows:

We decided on Smart House.                     


Then we realized how creepy Smart House is.


After some nostalgia kicked in, I told Court and John that the party the kids have in Smart House reminds of Aaron Carter party. Again, Court doesn’t know what I am talking about, so I pull it up and sing every single word. She still doesn’t know the song…


We then proceed to look at Aaron Carter when he was younger and Google what he looks like now. 


Then did the same thing with Macauley Culkin.


Next up, Court is dying to know John’s favorite pop. He said Sprite and Wild Pepsi (non-diet). She claims that he has to pick one- so he picked Sprite. Courts is Mountain Dew.

After that major decision, Court decides she needs to figure out what to get for dinner. During this elaborate process, she calls a gyro a “gear-O.” (Keep in mind, Court is vegan- why is she even talking about gyros?

Update (10 minutes later): She still hasn’t decided

Update (another 10 minutes later): Still trying to figure it out.

Update (now 30 minutes total): Almost have gotten through the order on Cafe Gratitude, but we still haven’t crossed the finish line.


7:19pm:  The order has been placed (Court decided Humble and Cool for me).

Enjoy our night as much as we did? Let me know and we can definitely make this happen again. 🙂


*Some names have been changed to protect privacy as some get embarrassed (unlike us, obviously)

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