While I am overjoyed to begin this journey with The Loving Lotus, the reason I felt compelled to create it in the first place was because of the feedback I had received from previous things I had shared.  It might seem a bit backward, but I am going to launch my second post as an archive of old writings* in 2017 that I hold dear to my heart.

With that being said, you will find below pieces that have been brought back to the surface for two different reasons. First off, it might be because someone reached out to me personally, telling me it helped them through a hard time. That, or it is something I refer back to often as I feel it is a good reminder.

Let me know if you feel there is a post missing that you remember me sharing somewhere but don’t see below.

In Love and Light,


*For those who are subscribed to updates via email, you will get notifications of each of these post releases. I ensure this won’t be a common trend, so please don’t get too overwhelmed. Actually, this may be an easier way for you to access each post. 🙂

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