find comfort in your discomfort

October 26, 2017

find comfort in your discomfort. 🖤 all of us have that inner critic that loves sitting in the back of your head reminding you of things like- you’re not good enough, someone else is better, you can’t do it, and a “what if” list that goes on and on.

i have been meditating through my @headspace app recently to work on several things, but most recently: anxiety and self-esteem. something that stood out to me last night is that our brain and thoughts grow based on fuel. this fuel is due to a culmination of habitual thinking (as mentioned above). these feelings have been fueled for so long, that we automatically default to them and actually believe them to be true. however, remember that these are just deep-rooted and fueled ideas. these are not you. i have been working hard on leaning into these beliefs rather than pushing them down and stuffing them away. one may think that this will get rid of them, but really, you’re just adding fuel to your fire of negative thinking. instead, take those judgments and accept them, lean into them. find comfort in these uncomfortable thoughts. yes, today you don’t feel pretty enough. today, you feel like you will disappoint yourself or others.

but that is ok; to feel that way. just acknowledge them, very softly. they are there, yes. but that is not where or who you are at this very moment. remember that. each and every moment that has brought you to where you are right now isn’t due to anxiety or lack of self-esteem- it’s because of determination. you got out of bed today and showered and made it out of the house and that is an amazing thing. you didn’t let that inner critic win, even in the smallest decisions you have made thus far. maybe you didn’t make it out of the house or even your bed. you’re still here. you’re still alive and breathing and have people (like me) who care about you a whole lot. so smile. embrace those negative outlooks and just note that they are there. sitting there due to what you have told yourself over time. they might feel really, really real. but they are not you. you are you. right now. in this moment. strong and incredible and you should be proud of that. 🙏🏼

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