Elephants, Semicolons, and I Love You’s

February 14, 2017

Elephants represent a lot of things. Overcomer of obstacles, love, wisdom, honor, strength, patience, loyalty. They are the largest land-living mammal, but some would say the most gentle.
This particular elephant was designed and drawn by myself. I look at it and I critique it. I see crooked lines. Some too long. Some too short. I see areas of improvement. But that’s the beautiful thing about this current journey I am on in finding myself. I do the same thing to myself often; say and think things that I’m sure you have all encountered as well. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m too much.” “I’m broken.” These are all lies that our critic puts in our head to keep us from seeing the good things. That although you and I have flaws and quirks and have made mistakes. We are all just as we should be. On our own journey figuring out this messy thing called life. Slowly, I’m learning to love myself. To embrace my sensitivity and empathy. To love my weirdness and to stop worrying what other people think. Just like my little ele – it might be a little crooked and it might have parts that are too long or too short. But it is apart of ME and my journey and that is why I love it. Or am slowly learning to love it.
A semicolon, in my case, has one sole significance; choosing to continue. Stay Strong; Love Endlessly. The Semicolon is a dedication to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. It hurts my heart deeply that such tragedies have to happen to bring awareness to a disease that is very real, very hard and can be very powerful. Sometimes too powerful.
Those three little words: I love you. Simple, yet makes all the difference. While there is so much evil in this world, Love trumps all. God is the Love and the Light. Gavin, you may be no longer in this world, but you have found the light where you are no longer hurting. Until we meet again, your three powerful words will always be apart of me. 💉🐘❤️


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