Do Not Harden Your Heart

February 21, 2017

After many life heartaches, many tend to harden the heart; to prevent any more pain. But that means numbing yourself. Not accepting things wholly as they should. Not experiencing the roller coaster of life so that our heart can grow stronger and bigger for those around us.
See, a soft heart is actually the strongest one. Full of vulnerability and acceptance. So don’t let tragedies close it down, but rather open up and radiate your love through the compassion and empathy you gain from every single one. ❤️

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My name is Lauren and I am yogi and marketing specialist in my mid-20s living in KC after spending a few years finding myself in SF. I love laughing, teaching, learning, Broad City & Workaholics (I tend to clump them together), cooking, trying new things (sounds cliché, but it's true!), writing, art of any kind, growing, bending (my mind and my body), and most importantly, my friends and family. I created The Loving Lotus as a space for me to unwind and share basically all of the above. I am so happy you made it here and would love to hear your thoughts on my page or just talk over a glass of wine or coffee. Feel free to contact me about either. Or both. 🙂

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