Month: November 2017


While I am overjoyed to begin this journey with The Loving Lotus, the reason I felt compelled to create it in the first place was because of the feedback I had received from previous things I had shared.  It might seem a bit backward, but I am going to launch my second post as an … #tbt Read More »

Happiness Requires Struggle

February 9, 2017 As I have been taking time for myself and relearning self-love this week, I’ve been doing a lot of reading; this particular section struck a chord. A section prior to this explained values – both good and bad. I won’t go into that right now. But one, to my surprise, as a … Happiness Requires Struggle Read More »

Elephants, Semicolons, and I Love You’s

February 14, 2017 Elephants represent a lot of things. Overcomer of obstacles, love, wisdom, honor, strength, patience, loyalty. They are the largest land-living mammal, but some would say the most gentle. This particular elephant was designed and drawn by myself. I look at it and I critique it. I see crooked lines. Some too long. … Elephants, Semicolons, and I Love You’s Read More »

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